Elevate your engagements with customization

Deliver customization without the complexity. Symmetryk empowers you to drive meaningful and highly personalized scientific exchanges through tailored presentations.

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Merge Content from Different Formats

Curate and customize presentations that resonate with your audience. Seamlessly combine content from multiple sources and formats, create personalized decks, and engage your key opinion leaders (KOLs) with relevant and visually stunning materials.

Integrated compliance for tailored storytelling

Create personalized experiences without compromising compliance. All of Symmetryk's customization features seamlessly align with your company's regulations. Create custom decks with required content and linked slides to ensure you're always presenting appropriate and complete information.

Keeping Track of Custom Decks

Symmetryk's admin portal systematically tracks and documents every custom deck creation. This not only provides robust oversight, but also serves as compelling evidence of the company's commitment to compliance. By maintaining a clear record of custom decks, managers help create a compliant and transparent environment and enhance the company's reputation for ethical practices.

Sharing Custom Decks

Symmetryk facilitates the seamless sharing of customized decks with healthcare professionals (HCPs) via email, while ensuring strict adherence to internal compliance policies. This not only increases efficiency, but also upholds the organization's commitment to regulatory standards.

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