Despite substantial investments in content creation, evaluating effectiveness remains a challenge. Unlock the full potential of your content investments with Symmetryk's robust analytics module.

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Understanding Utilization Patterns

Symmetryk provides real-time analytics that reveal your content's utilization patterns. Understand who engages with specific content, when, for how long and which HCPs are involved. Gain insight down to the page level into content usage, regardless of documents' type.


Generate and personalize reports that show key MSL-HCP interaction metrics and trends. Schedule these reports for automatic recurrence and easy sharing. Access customized dashboards and receive personalized reports in your inbox, keeping you informed at your preferred frequency.

Analytics on Customized Content

Improve your understanding of content consumption and meet compliance recordkeeping requirements by gaining detailed insight into the customized decks presented. Access information on when, to whom, and which slides were presented, as well as the time spent on each slide.

Syncing Analytics with your CRM

Integrate your analytics with your CRM, merging content usage with HCP information to update your Salesforce or Veeva CRM for a unified view. Symmetryk ensures that your content strategy is aligned with your field medical engagement plans.

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