Mobile Sales Enablement

Mobilize your Sales Assets

Meet Symmetryk, the premier Mobile Sales Enablement platform for the life-sciences industry.

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Mobile Sales Enablement

Mobilize your Sales Assets

Design Mobile Briefcases. Add assets, assign dissemination rights and sync with your sales reps’ tablets. A central repository of all digital assets distributed to your tablet fleet.

Your reps always have the material they need, logically organized, easy to find, always up-to-date and compliant:

  • Mobile Briefcases: distribute all types of sales collateral to your sales reps.
  • All in one place: everything your reps need is centrally managed.
  • Self-administered: create your sales material yourself and remotely deploy it to the field with a couple of clicks.
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Simple to design

Mobile Briefcases

Design Mobile Briefcases using simple drag and drop. Customize with backgrounds, branding and icons. Add assets, and distribute to your field force.
Always up-to-date

Always up to date

Change, add or remove files and they will instantly be updated on your tablet fleet. Your sales reps always have the right file at their fingertips.
Any file type


Whether Word, PDF, Video or HTML5, simply drop your file in your Mobile Briefcase and we’ll worry about the rest. No file transformation, special code or platform required.

Be loved by your sales reps

Happy sales reps

Get your sales reps on board by giving them the tool they want. Your field force will love Symmetryk because it was designed by sales reps, for sales reps.

A single and always up-to-date source for all your digital assets:

  • Intuitive navigation: everything is organized in Mobile Briefcases. Simple navigation using swipe and click. Advanced search, bookmarks and more. No more attachments.
  • Focus on selling: a maximum of 3 clicks to access any document, e-detail aid, survey, and more.
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At their fingertips

At their fingertips

Using search and bookmarks, any document, regardless of type or location can be found in seconds. No more fumbling for documents during sales calls.
A single conduit


No more bulky attachments, USB sticks or common drives. A single conduit for the exchange of all digital assets between HQ and the field.
Focus on selling


Keep files organized and up-to-date for your sales reps so that they can focus less on administration and more on selling.

Save money

Save money with Symmetryk

Deploying tablets shouldn’t be cost additive. Symmetryk saves you time and money. Cut your agency fees and spare your IT department extra work.

Mobile content for mobile field forces: Symmetryk allows you to retain the most important features of eDetailing :

  • Built-in eDetailing Module « Dialog » : create an e-detail aid yourself, based on pictures, video, PDFs and text, with simple drag-and-drop.
  • A navigation system as a story :
    • choose your users and deploy!
    • Your users will have the e-detail aid you created and will be able to pick from the sections and create custom story flow!
    • assign “must show” slides and choose which ones to track.
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Manage yourself

Manage yourself

No need to bother the IT folks. A secure web-site and the Symmetryk App is all it takes to get going.
Create your own digital sales aids

Symmetryk - Create digital sales aids

No need for an agency, no need for HTML5 programming. Do it yourself and save thousands.
Only pay for what you use

License model

Whether you have 10 sales reps or 1000, Symmetryk is always cost effective. You’ll only pay for the licenses you use.

Be Compliant


The proliferation of digital material increases the risk of non-compliance. Keep track of your digital documents throughout the Digital Supply Chain—from creation to approval to use in the field.

Set rules. Automate. Reduce errors and the risk of non-compliance

  • Validation : put your documents through Symmetryk’s built-in Regulatory Validation Workflow and get regulatory approval before sending to the field.
  • Pull from all : can’t track which Mobile Briefcases contain an outdated or non-validated document? You can delete it from specific Mobile Briefcases, or simply wipe it out everywhere it is being used.
  • Symmetryk + Zinc : we integrate out of the box with Zinc, the #1 in lifescience compliance. With Symmetryk+Zinc, publish your approved material directly from Zinc to Symmetryk. Nothing is lost in transit!
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Ensure version control


Don’t burden your sales reps with version control. Document out of date? Pull it from a single Mobile Briefcase or from your entire iPad fleet with a single click.
Integrate with Zinc

Integrate with Zinc

Integrate with the industry standard in electronic document validation. Zinc+Symmetryk works beautifully out of the box.
Set e-mail rights


Don’t risk a non-approved attachment being sent to an HCP. With a simple click, you decide which documents can be e-mailed from a tablet.

React instantly

React Instantly

In a competitive environment, every day counts. Keep the information flowing between marketing & sales, and update your campaigns in minutes instead of weeks or months.

See your entire fleet of tablets in real time, on a single screen and control its use :

  • Monitor : find out what content is being used, by whom and for how long.
  • Report : you can export your data or you may choose to create pdf outputs that you can easily share with your teams.
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Continuous feedback


Real-time feedback so that you can react and adjust your marketing campaigns; what material is used, by whom and for how long, with a click of a button.


Build a Survey, drag it into a Mobile Briefcase and deploy to iPads. Analyse the answers as they come in.


Chat securely with your field force using Symmetryk 360. Build discussion walls, include participants, post comments, articles, photos and videos.

Sleep easy


With 99.9% availability, data transfer over SSL, 256 bit encryption, auto-scaling and load balancing, you get speed, security and flexibility, whether you have 10 sales reps or 1000.

All the tools you need to always stay up-to-date and aware of what is happening in your company and industry

  • Any Changes At Your Fingertips : design, create and publish new content in few minutes, without requiring agencies nor programming.
  • Keep A 360 Degree View Of Your Competitors : with Symmetryk’s Competitive Intelligence Module, “360”, share pictures and posts with your team in real-time, directly from tablets.
  • Answers When You Need Them : pre-integrated survey tools will help you to adapt your business strategy.
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Amazon Web Services


We use the same web hosting as Netflix and airbnb: secure, durable, highly-scalable storage with Amazon S3, designed for 99.99% availability.


Instantly erase all contents from Mobile Briefcases from any iPad. Whether an iPad is lost or an employee leaves the company, your files will never fall into the wrong hands.


Communications between server and device utilize SSL/TLS 1.2. Data stored at rest on the Symmetryk servers utilises 256 bit AES in Cipher Block Chaining mode with ESSIV.

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