Field Medical Affairs plays a unique role in interfacing between life-sciences companies and the healthcare community. MSLs interact with KOLs very differently than Sales Reps or Key Account Managers interact with HCPs.

And yet, they are given the same technology tools as Sales Reps and KAMs, with unsatisfactory results


At Symmetryk we believe that MSLs deserve to have software solutions that meet their unique needs.

Make every HCP interaction count

Instant access to any piece of content via secure web portal or mobile device

MSLs have all of their content accessible within Symmetryk either on or off line. Whether in a physicians office, in a hospital basement or on a flight, content is always kept up-do-date.

"I found it very easy to move from one presentation to another. I really liked the functionality where I could plan ahead and assign certain presentations to the expert."

"I was able to easily search and retrieve the content that I wanted to present quickly and without slowing down the call."

“Everyone loves it! It really improves the quality of  the MSLs' work. It's a nice and easy way for them to find the information they need in a timely manner”

What customers say about Symmetryk

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100% focused on the life-sciences

There are other field-enablement solutions out there, but only Symmetryk is purely focused on the life-sciences.

The life-sciences is one of the world’s most regulated industries. As anyone who works at a life-sciences company knows, it's not only about profit; it's about a commitment to patients and caregivers.

At Symmetryk, we live and breathe the life-sciences, because we are industry veterans. Our software is imbued with the knowledge that we gained from years of working at major Pharmaceutical companies.


So if you want to give your field-forces software that they will truly love using, then reach out to us or schedule a demo.

You're in good company.

Synched content from your DAM, Sharepoint, or Box

Symmetryk integrates with Digital Asset Management systems such as Veeva Vault MedComms or Aprimo DAM, as well as content repositories such as SharePoint and Box, to centralise content in the hands of MSLs while continuously keeping it up-to-date and compliant.

Analytics / Insights

80% of content created is never used. But do you know which 80%? 

Get granular analytics on your content utilisation as well as which content is appreciated by your MSLs and their customers. 

Organization that makes sense

Full control over how content is organised in Digital Briefcases, creating a user-interface that is intuitive for your MSLs to navigate and in-line with how they work. Any piece of content is no more than 3 clicks away.

A new standard in compliance

Built from the ground-up to meet the requirements of the life-sciences industry. Symmetryk is packed full of useful compliance features, most of which have been suggested to us by our clients. 

With Symmetryk, you'll sleep easy.

Customisable presentations

Not a simple slide shuffler, but an advanced Content Presentation tools that allows you to tailor presentations by mixing elements from different collateral (while adhering to the highest compliance standards, obviously).