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Symmetryk is purpose-built for the pharmaceutical industry, offering a wealth of country-specific and company-specific compliance features.

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Real-time Content Synchronization

With continuous synchronization to your company's single source of truth, Symmetryk ensures that Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) receive only up-to-date and compliant content. Say goodbye to outdated or non-compliant materials in the field and eliminate version control issues.

Email Controls for Secure Content Sharing

Content administrators in Symmetryk have the power to set email controls on individual or batches of content. With clear guidelines in place, MSLs in the field can easily identify which content is authorized for email distribution to healthcare professionals (HCPs), while unauthorized content remains restricted from being sent via email.

Compliant Slide Customization

With Symmetryk, MSLs can enjoy advanced customization functionality while staying within regulatory boundaries. Content managers can enforce slide dependencies, make certain slides mandatory, and control which content can be used in customized decks through individual or batch rules. Symmetryk empowers MSLs to deliver personalized messages while ensuring compliance every step of the way.

Robust Audit Trail

Every activity within the platform, from content availability to email communications with HCPs, is logged and tracked. Symmetryk’s comprehensive audit trail lets you confidently demonstrate your organization’s adherence to regulations governing content usage in the field during audits.

Navigating Country-Specific Compliance

Country-specific compliance rules are built in for effortless content consumption. Symmetryk's platform provides specialized controls, customizable rules, and powerful content management capabilities so you can confidently deliver content in accordance with industry guidelines and your organization's policies.

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