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Data Security and Protection


All data sent to or from Symmetryk is encrypted in transit using TLS & encryption. Critical Data at rest is protected in encrypted AWS buckets and RDS databases. We can’t afford to lose your data that’s why we backup data continuously and have a roll back procedure that we can execute within 6 hours.

Access controls to data are enforced at every level and layer. Customer’s instances are totally separated from each other.

Pharma Industry compliance

Our platform helps MSLs be more responsive, engaging and agile during HCP or KOL interactions; all within a safe and compliant environment. Built from the ground-up to meet the requirements of the life-sciences industry, the Symmetryk platform is packed full of useful compliance features such as the Veeva integration allowing approved documents to be pulled in and expired documents to be removed automatically from the in-fields tablets.

Governance Roadmap

«SYMMETRYK’s strategy is to build the world’s best software for MSL/HCP interactions.» SYMMETRYK's Governance is built on an internal Corporate Management System. The Corporate Management System is based on solid Internal Controls, Policies, Directives Guidelines and Risk Management.

The effectiveness of the Corporate Management System is continuously monitored and ensured through self-assessment cycles. With this, necessary measures can be initiated and implemented in a timely manner.

The Corporate Management System is under the clear responsibility of the SYMMETRY Executive Board.


Platform Cybersecurity

Our services and data are hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS) facilities in the EU.

Continuous security monitoring: You are never alone! We offer a continuous monitoring and support service so you can find us anytime you need us.

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