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Superior presentations (at no charge)
Presentation maker

Build & share presentation slides effortlessly

Empower your organization with effective presentationstools to engage your customers successfully.

Transform PPT decks

Our inbuilt program allows you to automatically transform your powerpoint presentations into HTML slides without having to use a single line of code. Re-cycle existing content instead of starting from scratch and make it look even better.

Build a slide library

Symmetryks’ cloud slide library is a single-source of truth for medical content, marketing collateral, tools, and customer-facing materials that teams can draw from whether they are preparing for a meeting, in the middle of a meeting, writing an email, or on the road.

Create different story flows

Beyond managing Medical content and Marketing collateral- understand what messages and materials customers respond to on a slide-by-slide level and adapt your story flows consequently.

Access your presentations anywhere

Leverage the approved content library, even when offline. Easily access promoted or bookmarked content, and search using key words. Users can preview slides and choose content tailored to their audience. Seamlessly combine and present any file types (including videos and HTML files).

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Create custom presentations

Drag and drop slides into new presentations to easily re-order and re-purpose existing content.

Share with your stakeholders

Give teams the ability to share presentation files, either by secure link or by sharing as an email attachment.

Save Time

Find slides to build new presentations instantly. Less time creating new content means spending more time focusing on what really matters.

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Be compliant

Abilities in Symmetryk™ can be turned on or off for departments, roles and individuals. It's fully flexible, helping you find the right level of control for your company's culture.


Choose whether to allow or not your users to create custom presentations from a set of pre-validated slides directly on their tablets. 


Turn off users' ability to email presentation files to ensure confidential information is not shared externally.

Enforce mandatory slides

Make slides in a particular group mandatory - if a user wants to select slides for their new deck, they must have the mandatory slides included in the presentation.

Manage Easily

Manage your content and user access from a central point of administration. Update slides with a single click to ensure accuracy across the board and maintain compliance.


Auto updates

Any change made on the Master Slides is replicated instantly across your teams. You’ll never have to worry about version control again. Symmetryk™ does it all for you.


Deep analytics give you visibility into exactly how slides are used and how stakeholders respond, and what presentations draw the most interest.


Re-purpose existing content and design your interactive presentations yourself without writing a single line of HTML and cut out those prohibitive agency fees.


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