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Are you doing more web-based meetings due to Covid-19?

The world has changed due to Covid-19, how has your MSL presentation strategy evolved?

Experts predict in the future there will be fewer face-to-face and more web-based meetings, how are you preparing your team to evolve?

Symmetryk can help teams make web-based meetings more productive:

- better preparation and meeting execution

- documents updated and organized for efficient presentations

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MSL meeting with doctor

Before diving into the Symmetryk Web App, here are a few more recommendations that you can apply to prepare for your remote call:

Step 1: Make sure you are logged into your Symmetryk Account in your browser

Step 2: Make sure you have all the documents you need for the call. Otherwise, you can contact your administrator to deploy the content that you need

Step 3: Make sure to share your screen with HCPs on the browser that has Symmetryk Web App.

What are the possibilities while using Symmetryk Web App?

Same look and feel as the mobile App:

1. Navigate through your Briefcases and documents

2. Quickly access the most used documents by views or by time spent

3. Quick access to the list of Briefcases

4. Search for a specific document by typing in the file name or the metadata associated with the document.

Inside the Briefcase:

1. Add documents to your Favorites list.

2. Like a document.

3. Open a document in a new window or in a full-screen mode

4. Quick access to the various tiles/ folders

Inside your document:

1. Deliver your slide deck in presentation mode

2. Annotate inside your presentation

3. Bookmark a page

4. Search inside a document

Please contact us if you’d like to find out more details.

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