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Symmetryk Mobile: July '19 Product Round-up

We are excited to share with you the Symmetryk Mobile updates for the month of July.

Here we introduce a couple of new functions in the App version 2.7.6:

- Unload Files

With this new functionality, you have the ability to free up storage space on your devices.

As shown below, you can unload the files that you don't use frequently.

- Visual details of a File

With the new update, you will notice that on each document in the App, the size of the file is displayed. Also, you will be able to easily identify all e-mailable files which hold an envelope icon located on the upper right side of the file.

- Your favorite list will remain available after Re-sync

Using the new version of the App, you will be able to directly access your favorite documents even after re-syncing Symmetryk Mobile. Your favorite list of files will not be altered and will remain the same.

If you're interested in Field Medical Effectiveness or Sales Effectiveness in the pharmaceutical industry, or if you're worried about staying compliant, then we think you'll find it interested in talking with us. Please drop us a note at

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