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Compliance made-easy with Symmteryk solutions

We would like to share with you our compliance features and how it ensures in-field compliance:

- Control e-mails sent from in-field tablets:

Control which documents can be sent via e-mail to an HCP with a single click. You can turn on or off users' ability to share presentations & files. 

- Check tablet status of your users:

You'll have total visibility on all tablets in the field. Find out if documents have been downloaded, what device was used, and when was the last login date.

- Required slides in Dialog:

Enforce mandatory slides - if a user wants to select slides for their new deck, they must have the mandatory slides included in the presentation. 

- Control customization in Dialog:

Turn on or off the ability for your in-field users to adapt presentations by building their own custom story flows.

If you're interested in Field Medical Effectiveness or Sales Effectiveness in the pharmaceutical industry, or if you're worried about staying compliant, then we think you'll find it interested in talking with us. Please drop us a note at

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