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From Ore to Gold

Pharmaceutical companies place a premium on "insights" collected by their medical field forces, whether during meetings with KOLs, at congresses, symposia, or Advisory Boards. Yet while reams of data are indeed collected, generating true "insights" (deep, accurate and actionable understanding) remains elusive.

Symmetryk Insights™ help clients go beyond collecting reams of data (that are never used) to producing actionable knowledge. We do this by facilitating the reporting of insights, by helping you prioritize and validate insights, and by feeding back the actions resulting from those insights to your MSLs.

We know that there is often a disconnect between headquarters and what is happening in the field. Your CRM will only help you so far. Symmetryk™ Insights enables you to build and maintain a strong, two way conversation with our Medical Field Force.

Symmetryk Capturing MSL Insights

Capturing Insights with Ease

Symmetryk Insights is part runs on the Symmetryk platform and makes it easy for your MSLs to collect insights using a friendly, intuitive interface. 

Whether insights related to a document or relating to an interaction, whether from a pull-down menu, through a Survey or by free-text, Symmetryk™ makes it simple and efficient for your MSLs to collect insights.


MLs can collect insights through the Symmetryk™ Mobile Application or in conjunction with their CRM application. The point is to make their life easy.

Scoring and prioritizing insights

You collect reams of insights, but how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? How do you decide what is signal and what is noise? And how do you decide which insights to prioritize?

Is the insight your MSL collected a one-off or is it a trend? Is it important? Urgent? You'll never be able to act on all the insights you collect, so how do you decide WHICH insights to act on? Symmetryk™ allows you rank and order the insights you collect in order to make the step from data collection to action. By applying labels and scores to insights, you'll be on your way to getting out of the details and into the big picture.

Analysing MSL Insighs

Analyzing & Extracting Value

Symmetryk™ contains a dedicated, interactive, graphical, reporting suite that enables users to analyse insights in many different ways, to help mine the goldmine of insights!

Once deployed and made live, an insight can also trigger a number of additional actions e.g. emails sent to appropriate people about the insight just submitted, automated reports generated in a predefined format, etc.

Users can also create and customise their own insights analysis reports which can then be re-run and shared with others at scheduled times e.g. a report which outlines key insight activity and trends from the past month.

Keeping your MSLs Connected

The Symmetryk™ platform has several innovations to help close the loop between all the different stakeholders involved in insights.

Insights should no longer be entities that disappear into a black hole, a common complaint by MSLs who spend time and effort capturing insights.

Functionality dotted throughout Symmetryk™ enables greater coupling between the different stakeholders e.g. with a simple touch, managers can instantly let an MSL know they found their insights useful for a report.


MSLs can also use the analytics portal to track and assess — in real-time — the submission of insights by their colleagues in other geographical regions on key topics/issues of interest e.g. you can set up multiple "keywords/tags” to track, and whenever an insight from another MSL contains your keywords, you get a ping.

All of this helps MSLs stay connected with the broader world of insight in your organisation.

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