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Engage with your stakeholders

Symmetryk™ is a best-of-breed content customization and delivery platform which truly gives the MSL the flexibility to rapidly access, tailor, present and share sophisticated content, whether face-to-face or remotely. And what’s more, using our integrated survey and experience feedback tools, MSLs can gather insights that inform business strategy.

Mobile Briefcases

No more e-mail attachments, USB sticks or shared drives. All your  digital assets organized, up-to-date and compliant, in a single repository on your tablet for easy finding, showing and sharing in the field.

Interactive Presentations

Symmetryk™'s inbuilt program allows you to pick and choose from a set of pre-validated slides to create your custom presentations on the go according to your stakeholder's profile.

Internal Communication

Whether it’s analysis of competition, feedback on material or insights into customer behavior, Symmetryk™ makes it simple for you to disseminate knowledge to peers in the field, the medical organization, or colleagues in the commercial teams.

Quick access to content

With Symmetryk™, you don’t just get software to help you work. Instead, you get a solution tailored to your daily responsibilities as an MSL; whether it’s finding, presenting and sharing scientific data, tayloring your messages to your audience, reading up on the latest advances in a therapeutic area, communicating internally, or gathering important insights from your stakeholders, Symmetryk™ is the comprehensive mobile platform for MSLs.

All your content in a single place

The Symmetryk™ App contains all the documents you need, irrespective of format, logically organized and up-to-date.

Easy access to any file

With integrated search functions across briefcases and a list of your favourite documents Symmetryk™ makes it easy for you to easily find and access the information you need.

Alerts on new content

When new content is added or when material is updated in your briefcases, you'll receive notifications to alert you about the updates.

All document types

The Symmetryk™ platform supports all types of documents be it PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, Video, Image, name it!

On or off-line

You can access all your documents within Symmetryk either on or off line. You'll never have to worry about your connection whether you're in the basement of a hospital or traveling on a train or plane.

Continuously updates

Continuous synch between the Symmetryk™ Web App and the Symmetryk™ Mobile App ensures that all your documents are always organized, up-to-date and compliant on your tablets.

Powerful presentation tools

Our mobile technology is built upon a deep understanding of the complexity of the MSL role and of the environment in which he operates. By automating many administrative tasks and incorporating features that simplify communication, document versioning, collaboration and compliance, Symmetryk™ does the heavy lifting so that MSLs can focus on helping physicians make more informed choices about treatment decisions, and delivering value to the external community.

Customise your presentations in minutes

Assemble a new presentation by simple drag and drop directly on your iPad while ensuring that information is presented in a logical, compliant manner.

Looks great on your iPad

PowerPoint presentations don't always look good on the iPad. Symmetryk™ provides you with an elegant solution to present your data to your HCPs.

Present in-person or remotely

No time for F2F visits? With Symmetyrk™ you can broadcast your presentations directly on your HCP's screen  and present your data remotely.

Effortlessly toggle between slides

Find individual slides from across hundreds of decks instantly by accessing back-up slides, referring to a drop down menu or simply by swiping through your slides at the bottom of your screen.

Gather insights while you present

Use our integrated Surveys' module to gather insights from your stakeholders directly on your iPad whether you are on or off line. All answers are instantly saved and centralized in one place.

E-mail directly from your App

Quickly and easily share the material you just presented to your HCPs immediately from your iPad during a visit, without having to return to your inbox, or having to remember to do so after the call.

Share knowledge internally

MSLs are in a unique position to gather insights that inform business strategy in areas such as product development and market access. To that end, Symmetyrk™ helps MSLs collect and share insights gathered in the field with the wider orgnanization.

Bulletin Board

Chat with your colleagues whether they are out in the field or office-based. Post comments, files and pictures and keep the conversation going!

"Like" function

Express your interest in certain content by clicking on the like button or see what material is mostly viewed by your peers, it may interest you as well!

Share slide decks

Streamline peer-to-peer interactions and leverage the entire knowledge of the field-force by sharing your slide decks with your colleagues.

Leave compliance to us

At Symmetryk™, we believe that the key to the MSLs’ effectiveness is the art of engaging in a scientific exchange that allows the company to form the type of collaborative relationships with thought leaders that can make a difference in the way patients are treated. That is why we have incorporated intelligent features into our software that help the MSL balance “proactiveness” and “responsiveness”, while simplify in-field compliance.

Always up-to-date

Your material is updates for you from corporate. You'll always have the right version readily available for you.

Fool-proof e-mail rules

No guess work in remembering which documents you can mail to an HCP. Non-mailable material cannot be sent out from your iPad.

Automated withdrawal of outdated docs

Outdated material will automatically be removed from your iPad. If a document is on your tablet then it's valid for use.


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