Field Medical Effectiveness

Enabling the field medical function

A One-Stop Shop for your MSLs

Symmetryk™ has out-of-the-box integration with Veeva Vault so that you can select an asset in Vault and deploy it directly to tablets. No more manual work, and an ensured digital supply chain from your Single Source of Truth all the way to the field.

Take control of your content

Organize your MSL content

Organize your digital assets logically into “Mobile Briefcases” and set controls over their utilization.

1 Click deploy to your MSLs

Push your content to the Symmetry™ App on your in-field tablets. No more e-mail attachments, USB sticks or shared drives. All digital assets organized, up-to-date and compliant, in a single repository for your field force.

Centrally withdraw content

Add or remove documents with a single click. Continuous synch between the Symmetryk™ Web App and the Symmetryk™ Mobile App ensures that documents are always organized, up-to-date and compliant on field tablets.

Instant file updates

Update any document from the Web App and it will automatically be updated on all your MSLs' tablets. A central and easy way to control your updates.

Extend to Veeva Vault

Consistent management and distribution of regulated content through Vault can now be extended with a click of a button to your tablet fleet. Do it in Vault and see it reflected in the Symmetryk™ App.

Handles all file types

Upload digital content to your Symmetryk™ web portal, regardless of format (PPT, PDF, Word, Video, HTML).

Easy to maintain slide decks

No more out-dated slide decks. Provide effective and consistent presentations across the organisation on-demand.

Export from PowerPoint

Our inbuilt program allows you to automatically transform your powerpoint presentations into HTML slides without having to use a single line of code. Re-cycle existing content instead of starting from scratch and make it look even better.

Create back-up slides

You can link two slides together so that one acts as a back-up slide to the first. Back-up slides pop-up when you click the “backup” icon in the main menu.

And video and references

Link videos to individual slides and insert your references in a way that allows you to easily pull up the paper or publication relative to your data.

Multiple presentations from a single deck

Beyond managing medical content - understand what messages and materials stakeholders respond to on a slide-by-slide level and adapt your story flows consequently.

Re-arrange slides on the fly

Turn on or off the ability for your MSLs to adapt presentations by building their own custom story flows.

Keep control over your master deck

Any change made on the Master Slides is replicated instantly across your teams. You’ll never have to worry about version control again. Symmetryk™ does it all for you.

Ensure consistency

Ensure your teams have the latest updated material by viewing the last time their iPads were synchronized.

Mark favorites

Gain visibility on what documents are most frequently used by viewing a list of your teams' favourite files.

Customize presentations

Ensure that only allowed users have the ability to adapt presentations by building their own custom story flows.

Real-time usage metrics

Deep analytics give you visibility into exactly how slides are used, how stakeholders respond and what presentations draw the most interest.

Relevant analytics

Deep analytics give you visibility into exactly how slides and documents are used and how stakeholders respond, and what materials draw the most interest.

Screen shots

With restrictions on screenshots, Symmetryk™ gives you total visibility and control on the usage of your tablet fleet.

Forced download

View which documents have not been synchronized with in field-tablets and follow up for better governance and accountability.

Individualised access permissions

Users and groups

Manage your content and user access from a central point of administration. Update content with a single click to ensure accuracy across the board and maintain compliance.

Individual access rights

Pick and choose which briefcase to send to whom. You can deploy to individuals or to an entire team with a single click.

Share across the enterprise

Increase the impact of your team’s scientific exchange by sharing your briefcases with other MMs either within or across affiliates.

Converse With Your Team

Symmetryk™ creates tools which streamline peer-to-peer interactions and leverage the entire knowledge of the field-force in order to serve the greater internal organisation. Whether it’s analysis of competition, feedback on material or insights into customer behavior, we make it simple to collect, analyze and disseminate internally.

Real-time data through Surveys

Build surveys using simple drag and drop. Deploy them to tablets and gather data from your MSLs or doctors.

Post on Bulletin Boards

Don’t lose track of information from the field. Create discussion walls, share with your individuals or teams and post text, files, pictures and videos. Start a conversation and keep it going with 360º Chat. Say goodbye to never-ending e-mail threads!

Place orders

Give your MSLs a tool that enables them to submit requests for medical material directly from their tablets in the field. No more paperwork to deal with. All their  orders are centralized and tracked in one place for you to monitor and retrieve if need be.

Simplify Compliance

Controlled e-mail

Turn on or off users' ability to share presentations & files as an email attachment.

Required slides

Make slides in a particular group mandatory - if MSLs wants to select slides for their new deck, they must have the mandatory slides included in the presentation.

Alerts & Warnings

Add customizable warnings on briefcases according to their content. For example you can alert your MSLs that the content of a briefcase is for internal use only and cannot be shared outside your organization.

Automated Expiry

Set automatic expiry dates on the documents you deploy to the Symmetryk™ App and ensure that your MSLs never have outdated material on their iPads.

Audit trail

Control the versioning of your documents directly in Symmetryk™ for better traceability and better identifiability.

Forced Synch

If your recently updated material has not been synchronized with certain iPads, you can force synch content onto individual iPads and be assured that you maintain compliance across the board.


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