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MSLs have all documents accessible within Symmetryk™ either on or off line. You'll never have to worry about connection whether you're in the basement of a hospital or traveling on a train or plane.

Instant access to any piece of content via web or mobile

Document types

The Symmetryk™ platform supports all types of documents be it PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, Video, Image, name it!

Search functionalities

With integrated search functions across briefcases and a list of favorite documents, Symmetryk™ makes it easy to find and access the information an MSL will need. The advanced search functionality takes into account the meta data in Vault and searches keywords within documents.  

Real time sync

Continuous synch between the Symmetryk™ Web App and the Mobile App ensures that all your documents are always organized, up-to-date and compliant on the field force tablets.

When new content is added or when material is updated in the briefcases, the MSLs receive notifications to alert them about the updates.



Basel, 6300 CH

+41 79 862 94 57

United States

San Francisco, Bay Area

+1 628 224 2200

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