Veeva+Symmetryk™ = An uninterrupted digital supply chain

Symmetryk™ is the only Mobile Document Exchange Platform that allows out of the box integration with Zinc/Veeva.

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Single conduit

Consistent management and distribution of regulated content through Veeva/Zinc Maps can now be extended with a click of a button to your tablet fleet. There’s no reason to duplicate your work; approve documents in Zinc and they will be reflected on your tablets Mobile Briefcases.

Action centrally

View your Zinc jobs in the Symmetryk™ Web App and auto-synch them with your Mobile Briefcases. Change or decommission any digital asset and it will be automatically reflected on your reps Mobile Briefcases.

Set controls

Extend the power of Zinc/Veeva. Enable version control so that Mobile Briefcases containing Zinc-approved documents cannot be modified once locked.