Real-time feedback so that you can react and adjust your marketing campaigns; what material is used, by whom and for how long, with a click of a button.

In a call

Choose whether you’re in a call or just browsing. Once the “In call” button is selected, all actions will be captured until the “In call” button is turned off. Data can be viewed on the Symmetryk™ Web App or uploaded into your CRM.

File viewing time

Symmetryk™ captures the length of time each file is viewed. Whether PDF, Word, Video or HTML, you’ll know exactly how long your field staff spend viewing each file. For documents in HTML-5, you’ll be able to drill down to the individual pages.

Viewing frequency

Wondering which of your documents are used the most? Symmetryk™ captures how many times each document is viewed, irrespective of format. View the results on the Symmetryk™ Web App, and sort by user, group or file type and benchmark against the average.