Meet the holy-grail of e-detailing. Build your own detail aids, complete with videos, back-up slides and references, all without writing a single line of HTML5. And what’s best, you get it all for free!

Watch video

Choose your branding

Select primary, secondary and tertiary colors for your detail aids. Your detail aid will look like the following.

Gather the assets you need to create your detail aid

Image and videos will serve as the main content for your pages. PDFs will be linked to references.*

*You can use an animation or two if you choose by uploading some HTML content, but you’ll have to ask your agency to program it. Our recommendation is not to add animation, it mainly distracts your audience without much benefit.

Create your slides

For each slide, add:

  • A key message
  • A title
  • Body: An image or an HTML page from your assets library
  • You can attach a video
  • You can add references, and link them to PDFs (if you choose)

Add back-up slides

You can link two slides together so that one acts as a back-up slide to the first. Back-up slides pop-up when you click the “backup” icon in the main menu.

Create chapters

Group your slides into chapters. Each chapter will also serve as a menu item for simple navigation.

Create flows

Add slides to each story flow. Back-up slides, videos and references will automatically be included and slides will automatically be grouped into chapters and corresponding menu items.