Mobile Briefcases

Mobile Briefcases

A single repository for all the digital assets on a Sales Rep or MSL’s tablet. Whether PDF, Office, HTML5, audio or video, material is logically organized, easy to find and always up-to-date and compliant. Your teams can find exactly what they need with minimal effort and frustration, so that they can make the most of their face-time with clients.

Watch video

Create Briefcase

Create Mobile Briefcases for your field forces with simple drag and drop.

Create Tiles

Inside each Mobile Briefcase are tiles that contain digital assets and also serve as navigation. Add tiles, description, branding, backgrounds and icons so that information is logically organized for your field force.

Add documents to your Tiles

Drag documents from your Asset Library to the Tiles you created. Don’t worry about the format, Symmetryk™ handles all document types!

Add business rules

You can pre-set the date on which a document will be deployed to a tablet, as well as an expiry date. You can also control which documents can be sent via e-mail to an HCP, and whether documents can be opened (or not) in their native format.

Synch with tablets

Select individuals or teams to receive your Mobile Briefcase. Click “Synch” and watch the Briefcase you created instantly replicate in the Symmetryk™ Mobile App on your field-force tablets. It’s like Magic!