Bulletin Boards

Bulletin Boards

Don’t lose track of information from the field. Create discussion walls, share with individuals or teams and post text, files, pictures and videos. Start a conversation and keep it going with 360º Chat. Say goodbye to never-ending e-mail threads!

Watch video

Create a Wall

Create one or several discussion walls on the Symmetryk™ Web App, each corresponding to a theme.

Choose your audience

Select the team members you would like to include in your discussion. You can choose individuals or entire teams.

Start a conversation

Ask a question, post a comment, or simply share an image or video. Your team will instantly receive your posts in their Symmetryk™ App.

Keep it going

Your team members can react to your comments or add their own posts. Never lose track of information from the field. The entire conversation is centralized with pictures, videos, comments, for later viewing.