Asset library

Asset Library

Your secure Asset Library contains all the digital documents you deploy to your field-force. Documents in your Asset Library are encrypted using 256 bit AES in order to ensure security and confidentiality.

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Securely upload your assets

Upload MS Office, PDF, Video, Images or HTML5 documents to your asset library from your desktop using drag and drop.

Link to your CMS

Instead of uploading documents from your desktop, you can simply link to your Content Management System (CMS). Assets linked to your CMS means nothing is lost in transit.

Separate your content

Asset Libraries in Symmetryk™ are user-specific. That means your assets will remain private unless you chose to share them. It also guarantees separation of commercial content from medical content.


It’s a global marketplace and what you learn in one affiliate can be applicable to another. So don’t restrict your experience to your own team. Share your assets with other team members or even across affiliates.