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Beyond managing Medical content and Marketing collateral, understand what messages and materials HCPs/KOLs respond to on a slide-by-slide level and adapt your story flows consequently.

Customized presentations

Dialog presentations

Drag and drop slides into new presentations to easily re-order and re-purpose existing content. Less time creating new content means spending more time focusing on what really matters.

Symmetryk’s cloud slide library is a single-source of truth for medical content, marketing collateral, tools, and customer-facing materials that teams can draw from 
whether they are preparing for a meeting, in the middle of a meeting, writing an email, or on the road.

Customized, compliant and secure

Abilities in Symmetryk™ can be turned on or off for departments, roles and individuals. It's fully flexible, helping you find the right level of control for your company's culture.

MSL’s ability to create custom presentations from a set of pre-validated slides as well as their ability to email presentations directly from their tablets can be turned on or off.

Slides in a particular group can be made mandatory - if a user wants to select slides for their new deck, they must have the mandatory slides included in the presentation.

Customizing presentations

When permitted, MSLs are able to create custom presentations from one or several existing presentations.


In addition to the documents uploaded manually, any document being pulled in from Veeva Vault or Sharepoint could potentially be used to create custom decks.



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