What they need, when they need it.

It isn't enough to give your sales reps great material. In fact, most of the material sales reps are given is never actually used. Our philosophy is to make your sales actually want to use the material you create.


Align Sales & Marketing

We'd like to have some consistency in what's used in the field, both to control our messaging and to make sure we're compliant.

Marketing Director

I receive lots of material from marketing. It's not always easy to find the right piece of collateral during a call.

Sales Rep

We don't know what's out there on our Sales Reps' tablets. I'm pretty sure there are lots of documents that shouldn't be there, but it's very difficult to control

Compliance Manager

A single repository on their tablet

Always up to date, easy to find, and compliant

With Symmetryk's Mobile Briefcases you can deploy any document to a sales rep or a team of reps in seconds. You can always withdraw or change any document without any work from the sales rep. If you use Veeva systems, by integrating with Veeva Vault, you can select an asset in Vault and deploy it directly to tablets. No more manual work, and an ensured digital supply chain from your Single Source of Truth all the way to the field


Any document type, Surveys, Order Sheets and Secure Chat

Everything they need to engage their clients

With Symmetryk™ your reps will benefit from accessing all the information they need from a single repository. Whether it's a word objection handler or a power point presentation, they'll have everything they need at their fingertips to be effective and reactive. Additionally, information can be brought up from the field via surveys, chat walls or order sheets all in one place.


Document & Version Control

Let US worry about compliance

With control over your document versionning, activity logging, restrictions on screen shots, and the ability to remotely wipe the content of a tablet in the case of loss or theft, Symmetryk™ gives you total visibility and control on the content and usage of your tablet fleet. Over and above that, you can control which documents can be sent via e-mail to an HCP, set dates for automatic document expiry and update or withdraw material centrally with a single click. Symmetryk™ simplifies in-field compliance.


It takes our agency 2 months to turn around a simple e-detail aid, and it costs us $40,000. And we pay for any change after that. That doesn't really fit into our budget.

We'd like to allow some customisation of the sales call based on clearly defined customer behaviour, but we don't want a free for all.

Product Manager

Marketing Director


E-detailing made easy


Compelling e-detail aids which get your message across without the hassle of traditional e-detailing platforms. No proprietary coding, no extra costs. Just take your powerpoint slides and transform them into beautiful interactive detail aids, with full CLM capabilities.


No special programming, no waiting and no agency fees

Meet the holy-grail of e-detailing. Build your own detail aids, complete with videos, back-up slides and references, all without writing a single line of HTML5. And what’s best, you get it all for free!


Uses your existing PPT, PDFs and Videos

Our inbuilt program allows you to automatically transform your powerpoint presentations into HTML slides without having to use a single line of code. You can add references and attach PDF articles to individual slides or even link videos to empower your messaging. Re-cycle existing content instead of starting from scratch and make it look even better.


As much flexibility as you wish to give your teams

Abilities in Symmetryk™ can be turned on or off for departments, roles and individuals. It's fully flexible, helping you find the right level of control for your company's culture. You can enforce mandatory slides, allow presentation cutomization or turn off users' ability to email presentation files to ensure confidential information is not shared externally.

You also get more. From e-mailing approved slides directly from Dialog, to marking required slides, to printing out your detail aid for regulatory validation, Dialog is everything you want from e-detailing minus the hassle and the cost.

Closed Loop Marketing over-promised and under-delivered. It's expensive, the reps don't like it, and we collect lots of data that we never look at.

It's not just about tracking the use of a detail aid. It's about feeding insights from all the rep's activities to our marketing campaigns, in order to improve our communication and messaging.

Multi-channel Marketing Manager

Marketing Director

Closed Loop Marketing without the hype (or the cost)


Comprehensive feedback

Sales Reps use a detail aid, but only in 20% of instances. They also use objection handlers, publications, etc etc. And what reps use depends on the country they are in and what the law stipulates. So it's not enogh to capture utilisation of a detail aid.


Compliant content

The proliferation of digital material increases the risk of non-compliance. Keep track of your digital documents throughout the Digital Supply Chain – from creation, to approval, to use in the field.  With Symmetryk™ you'll have all your compliance bases covered!


Take action from anywhere

With Symmetryk™ you can manage your in-field tablets remotely: wipe out the content of an entire tablet in the case of loss or theft, set restrictions on screen shots or deactivate an account from a distance. You'll have total control of your tablet fleet!


F2F or remote

Difficult to get face-time? Project your detail aid remotely on your client’s computer screen. All you need to do is send them a link and you’re ready to go.


Agency optional

Do it yourself! With Symmetryk™ you can make all the changes yourself, saving time and money. You can even create your own detail aids, without writing a single line of code

Custom presentation.png

Tailored messaging

Assemble new presentations by simple drag and drop of slides while ensuring that information is presented in a logical, compliant manner. Adapt your messages according to your audience!

Collect & Share Insights

Survey (1).png

Integrated Surveys

Build and deploy surveys using Symmmetryk’s built-in Survey module. Analyze the results as they come in from the field. No need for external survey tools. Drag and drop your questions, deploy them to tablets and gather data from your field-force or clients. It's as simple as that!

Social (1).png

Bulletin Boards

Exchange information between HQ and the field-force using Symmetryk's bulletin boards module. Build discussion walls, include participants, post comments, articles, photos and videos. Start a conversation and keep it going. Say goodbye to never-ending e-mail threads!

Feedback with a Purpose.

Most organisations collect too much data, and never look at it. We believe that when it comes to tracking, less is more. Define your KPIs, and put your efforts in collecting the right information that allows you to measure your progress against those KPIs and changing course accordingly.


View global utilisation by Briefcase...


...by file type, and over time...

Build and deploy surveys using Symmmetryk’s built-in Survey module. Analyze the results as they come in from the field. No need for external survey tools. Drag and drop your questions, deploy them to tablets and gather data from your field-force or clients. It's as simple as that!

...drill down to individual pages...


...for users or teams.

In case of an audit, we need to be able to demonstrate that we know what documents are on field tablets and that they have been through regulatory review

It is critical that we don't have outdated versions of documents out there. Controling what documents are on iPads is very difficult.

The field force must have certain documents in their possession such as package inserts, reimbursement guidelines and safety information.

Compliant Communication


Version Control

Control the versioning of your files as well as your briefcases directly in Symmetryk™ for better traceability and better identifiability.


Audit Trail

Complete audit logs are automatically saved and can be used as proof of regulatory compliance during an audit and can help your company fulfill its record-keeping requirements for compliance purposes.


Total Transparency

Complete transparency on the contents of every tablet in the field. A block on taking screen shots from tablets. Ability to remotely swipe the content of any tablet. Pop-up warnings on the Mobile App when viewing non-regulated content


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