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What level of visibility do you have over the content journey?  Companies create/approve lots of content but often don’t know what is being used. Which MSLs are using the content? With which clients? For how long? Symmetryk contains a dedicated, interactive, graphical, reporting suite that enables managers to analyze insights in many different ways, to help mine the goldmine of insights!

Analytics / Insights



Basel, 6300 CH

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United States

San Francisco, Bay Area

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Symmetryk™ has full reporting capabilities, dashboards on use of content down to page-level granularity.

Deep analytics give you visibility into exactly how slides are used and how stakeholders respond, and what presentations draw the most interest.

Capturing insights with ease

Symmetryk™ makes it easy for your MSLs to collect insights using a friendly, intuitive interface.

​Whether insights related to a document or relating to an interaction, through a Survey or by free-text, Symmetryk™ makes it simple and efficient for your MSLs to collect insights


Users can create and customize their own insights analysis reports which can then be re-run and shared with others at scheduled times e.g. a report which outlines key insight activity and trends from the past month.

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