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Symmetryk™ integrates with Veeva Vault through the Vault API in order to make approved content available on- or offline to MSLs in the field.

Access to approved content online and offline



Basel, 6300 CH

+41 79 862 94 57

United States

San Francisco, Bay Area

+1 628 224 2200

Approved content only

The material is updated for the MSL from corporate. They will always have the right version readily available for them. Outdated material will automatically be removed from the iPads. If a document is on a tablet then it's valid for use.

Digital Asset Management platforms

Symmetryk™ integrates with Veeva Vault, Sharepoint or other Digital Asset Management platforms through API. Approved content can now be extended with a click of a button to your field force. There’s no reason to duplicate your work; approve documents in Veeva and they will be reflected on your tablets' Mobile Briefcases.

Content available On- or Offline

Symmetryk is device agnostic. It can be accessed on an Iphone, on an Ipad or on a computer through a web browser. The advantage of using the Ipad is having full access to the content even when there is no internet connection.

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