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At Symmetryk, we empower the life-science industry to connect with physicians in a whole new way. 

Symmetryk™ was founded by former pharma executives. We understand how Medical, Marketing, Sales and Medical Science Liaisons work day to day. So if you want to give your field-forces software they will actually love using, then Symmetryk™ is the solution for you.

About Us



Symmetryk™ was founded by former pharma executives. The development of the application started. In the meantime, Symmetryk was developing interactive presentations to be used by MSLs.


Development of the beta version of Symmetryk


Deployment of the first version of Symmetryk


First major pharmaceuticals started adopting the application. Enhancement of the application continued. First integration with Veeva


The product continues to evolve. More functionalities are being added. First integration with Sharepoint.


Our platform helps MSLs be more responsive, engaging and agile during HCP/KOL interactions; all within a safe and compliant environment. 


We believe that better knowledge flow between the life-science industry and physicians can accelerate access to new medicines and contribute to a safer world.


Symmetryk has a unique culture of ownership and collaboration; one where diversity of skills and experiences drives innovation and success. While moving in a fast-paced work environment, our people are curious, caring and passionate about serving our customers.

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