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Built from the ground-up to meet the requirements of the life-sciences industry. The Symmetryk™ Platform is packed full of useful compliance features, most of which have been suggested to us by our clients. The result is a set of features both on the Web App as well as the Mobile App that will help you sleep easier!

A new standard in compliance

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Consistent management and distribution of regulated content through your DAM can now be extended with a click of a button to your tablet fleet. There’s no reason to duplicate your work; approve documents in your DAM and they will be reflected on your tablets' Mobile Briefcases.

E-mail controls

Control which documents can be sent via e-mail to an HCP with a single click. You can turn on or off users' ability to share presentations & files. Symmetryk™ simplifies in-field compliance.

Shareable slides

Pick and choose which slides your teams can share via email and ensure that confidential information never falls in the wrong hands!

Content warnings

Add customizable warnings on briefcases according to their content. For example you can alert your MSLs that the content of a briefcase is for internal use only and cannot be shared outside your organization.

Force sync

This feature enables you to force the download of important information and documents onto your in-field tablets. You can be certain that your critical data has been successfully communicated.

Audit trail

Complete audit logs are automatically saved and can be used as proof of regulatory compliance during an audit and can help your company fulfill its record-keeping requirements for compliance purposes.



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