Make every HCP interaction count

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 Medical Affairs

Symmetryk for Medical Science Liaisons

The role of the Medical Science Liaison (MSL) has become central in contributing to the success of new pharmaceuticals and medical/diagnostic devices.


Make sure your MSLs operate effectively as Medical Affairs advocates in the field.


Symmetryk for Sales Reps and KAMs

Improve the productivity of your sales teams by making every interaction count. Document management, e-detailing, remote detailing, CLM and in-field compliance wrapped into one. 

Find, show, share, react.

All Content in a Single App

Extend your digital supply chain

Push your content to the Symmetry™ App on your in-field tablets. No more e-mail attachments, USB sticks or shared drives. All digital assets organized, up-to-date and compliant, in a single repository for your field force.

1 repository

Whether face-to-face or remotely, Symmetryk™ makes it easy to find, show and share documents with your stakeholders, thus optimizing your time and increasing your impact.

Personalized content

Multi-tiered user management so that the right people have the right access to the right documents. Push content to individuals or teams.

Granular feedback

The proliferation of digital material increases the risk of non-compliance. Keep track of your digital documents throughout the Digital Supply Chain – from creation, to approval, to use in the field.

Beautiful Presentations

Customize your deck in seconds

Symmetryk™'s inbuilt program allows you to automatically transform your powerpoint presentations into HTML slides without having to use a single line of code. Re-cycle existing content instead of starting from scratch and make it look even better.

Centralised Slide Library

Group all your slides in one central library and forget about having to manage different slide decks. With just a couple clicks, you can push slide changes or remove slides universally across your teams.

Customise, Show, Share

PDF is boring! Create custom interactive presentation with menus, references, back-up slides and video from a centralized slide library. Adapt your message to your audience.

Real-time feedback

Continuous feedback from the field enables you to adjust and update your messages in minutes, instead of weeks or months.

Already using Veeva Vault?

Extend your digital supply chain

Symmetryk™ has out-of-the-box integration with Veeva Vault so that you can select an asset in Vault and deploy it directly to tablets. No more manual work, and an ensured digital supply chain from your Single Source of Truth all the way to the field.

Direct access to your Vault documents

Seamless integration between Veeva Vault and Symmetryk™ allows you to directly access your Vault documents from your Symmetryk™ account. No need to remember to visit another application - it's all there at your fingertips.

Link between approved documents and field-tablets

Consistent management and distribution of regulated content through Veeva/Zinc Maps can now be extended with a click of a button to your tablet fleet. There’s no reason to duplicate your work; approve documents in Veeva and they will be reflected on your tablets' Mobile Briefcases.

Actions in Vault reflected in real-time in the field

View your Veeva jobs in the Symmetryk™ Web App and auto-synch them with your Mobile Briefcases. Change or decommission any digital asset and it will be automatically reflected on your teams' Mobile Briefcases.

Engage with Internal and External Stakeholders

Symmetryk™ is a best-of-breed content customisation and delivery platform which truly gives the MSL the flexibility to rapidly access, tailor, present and share sophisticated content, whether face-to-face or remotely. And what’s more, using our integrated survey and experience feedback tools, MSLs can gather insights that inform business strategy.

Bulletin Boards

Don’t lose track of information from the field. Create discussion walls, share with individuals or teams and post text, files, pictures and videos. Start a conversation and keep it going with 360º Chat. Say goodbye to never-ending e-mail threads!


Build surveys using simple drag and drop. Deploy them to tablets and gather data from your field-force or stakeholders.


Too many field based employees are still using old-fashioned paper order forms, or other manual methods to order promotional or non promotional material (like fillable PDFs and Excel spreadsheets). Instead, our mobile order module allows teams to submit orders on the go.

Compliance made Easy

Don't risk it!

The proliferation of digital material increases the risk of non-compliance. Keep track of your digital documents throughout the Digital Supply Chain – from creation, to approval, to use in the field.

Audit trail

Pharma companies operate in a highly complex regulatory environment which demands comprehensive adherence to national and regional compliance regulations. Audit logs can be used as proof of regulatory compliance during an audit and can help your company fulfill its record-keeping requirements for compliance purposes.

Business rules

Control which documents can be sent via e-mail to an HCP. Set dates for automatic document expiry. Update or withdraw material centrally with a single click. Symmetryk™ simplifies in-field compliance.

Digital supply chain

Consistent management and distribution of regulated content through Vault can now be extended with a click of a button to your tablet fleet. Do it in Vault and see it reflected in the Symmetryk™ App.


Only the Best

We use the same web hosting as Netflix and airbnb: secure, durable, highly-scalable storage with Amazon S3, designed for 99.99% availability.


Outstanding Quality

High data transfer speeds, auto-scaling and load balancing with Amazon CloudFront and Elastic BeanStalk guarantees fast access regardless of location or number of simultaneous users.

Data security

Truly Top-Notch

Communications between server and device utilize SSL/TLS 1.2. Data stored at rest on the Symmetryk™ servers utilizes 256 bit AES in Cipher Block Chaining mode with ESSIV.

Guaranteed Security

Whether deployed by a single affiliate, a region, or the entire organization, our 100% Cloud infrastructure means no set-up or maintenance work. Simply download the Symmetryk™ Application and you’re ready to go!


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